Our Faculty

The faculty of the Charles Finney School come from a wide variety of backgrounds, bringing a depth of diversity to the education of Finney students.

As a student's primary point of contact with the Finney school, our teachers are an important part of our effort to exemplify, model, and encourage excellence.  The faith of our faculty plays an important role as well, as they each strive to equip students for the fulfillment of God’s plan and purpose in their lives.

Faculty Directory

Marc Brown
High School Faculty

Rachel Byndas
Third Grade

Laura Casey

Keirah Comstock
ESOL Teacher

Shannon Entz
Global 1 & 2

Cana Fuest
High School Bible

Dianna Gregg
High School Science

Christine Guck
Vocal and Instrumental Music

Pamela Kirby
High School Chemistry, Physics

Penny Kunkel
K-3 Music Teacher

Larry Latona
High School Math

Melissa Lee
Fourth Grade

Maran Lioy
Middle School Social Studies and 8th Grade Bible

Rebecca Lydon
English 11, 12; Bible 11

Andy Marchand
Physical Education

Steve Merritt
High School History

Rachel Newport

Sarah Nielsen
High School Worship

Bonnie Norris
Middle School English

Jenniffer Nudd
Pre-K Assistant

Kelli O'Connell
Middle School Math

Karen Palmer
2nd Grade

Pamela Perez
College Writing/Bible 12/College & Career

Rachel Perez-Rumpf
HS Tech, Yearbook

Bette Pilecki
5th Grade

Deb Potter
1st Grade Teacher

Kelly Rogers
High School Math

Karen Stevens
High School English

Rebecca Thorne
4th Grade Assistant

Regina (Gina) Thorpe
Library and Media Specialist K-8 Tech

Peterson Vazquez
Language Lab

Carl Wager
Middle School and High School Choir

Angela Wasserman
Art (K-12)

Marcia Ziegler
Middle School Science and 6 th grade Bible