Middle School

Middle school at the Charles Finney School is an academically challenging experience designed to gradually prepare students for the increased responsibilities of high school.

Middle school students (6th-8th Grade) follow a set 5-day a week schedule with classes meeting over 45-minute periods.  The Middle School curriculum includes Science, Math, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Physical Education, Bible, Spanish, Art, Music, and Computer Education.  Students can also participate in band, worship team and choir and attend they a weekly Chapel.  Middle School students are encouraged to become critical thinkers.  There is a strong emphasis on applying Biblical principles in all subjects.  The middle school schedule closely mirrors the high school schedule, which allows advanced students to participate in high school courses such as math. Middle School students may participate in certain extracurricular activities such as Section V sports (7th & 8th grades) and drama.  Learn more about the middle school program by reading our course catalog and faculty profiles.