Lunch Program

Lunch Program

Lunch is $4.00.  Students have a choice of one of five options for lunch: 

  1. Daily main lunch entree as listed on menu
  2. Green Salad lunch
  3. Bagel lunch
  4. Yogurt lunch
  5. Peanut butter & jelly lunch

All lunches are served with fruit/vegetable and milk. Fresh fruit and rice are available every day. Entrée only may be ordered for $2.50. Sides may also be ordered individually.

Lunch Ordering Process

Lunch will be ordered daily in your child’s homeroom. They will be able to order the main entree lunch, yogurt lunch, bagel lunch, PBJ lunch, or green salad lunch option. Please make sure your child is not tardy to ensure their lunch is ordered on time. Mrs. Moody will place the orders with the cafeteria staff during 1st period.


A payment of $4.00 will be collected from the child during lunch in the cafeteria, or you may prepay for up to 20 lunches at a time either in the cafeteria or in the main office. Please make all checks payable to The Charles Finney School. Snack items and drinks are available at the vending machines in the cafeteria, and individual milk servings can be purchased for $0.50.


Lunch Menus

Monthly lunch menus for are available in a PDF.