Day of Caring

Day of Caring

Some years, on a Friday in May, the PTO organizes the Day of Caring, a volunteer day devoted to caring for the Finney facilities. Parents are asked to volunteer time to supervise each grade in cleaning, polishing, organizing, purging classrooms and shared areas of the school, as well as outside areas (weather permitting). All students are encouraged to participate, regardless of their age or ability. Beforehand, teachers are solicited for tasks that need completing in their classroom; faculty and staff are asked about common areas of the school. Needs are prioritized, supplies purchased, and volunteers solicited in preparation for the day. Some years, volunteers from outside of the school (e.g., Xerox staff) work with us as well.

Parent volunteers are vitally important to make this day possible! They help assist teachers in helping students to stay focused by guiding, directing and communicating with the students what needs to be done in each classroom and out of doors. 

In addition to the actual Day of Caring, the PTO sponsors a “Prep Night” the Thursday evening before. Parents are asked to volunteer to organize supplies, deliver them to classrooms, etc. When possible, child care is available during this evening. 

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