Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the PTO?
The Charles Finney School PTO is an organization that partners with parents and faculty to create a sense of community that supports our students in their academic, social, and spiritual growth.

Q: What is the purpose of the PTO?
 The PTO’s goal is to engage school families in school activities and to advocate for family and teacher needs and interests in the growth and advancement of the school. The PTO has the following goals:
          • Encourage prayer support for our school, teachers, staff, and students.
          • Promote and increase parent volunteerism at Finney.
          • Foster communication between school and home through homeroom parent rep email chain, the Finney website,
            and the school newsletter.
          • Maintain faculty morale through homeroom parent rep support, appreciation meal events, teacher appreciation
            week, and financial scholarships to teacher development conferences.
          • Be attentive to teacher and parent needs and questions.
          • Help build community among Finney families through social events, new family outreach, and direct assistance to
            the school administration.
          • Organize fundraisers as needed to raise money for the PTO fund to financially support these goals.

Q: Why should I be involved with the PTO?
At the Charles Finney School, we realize that parent and family involvement is an integral part of the school’s success. Getting involved with the PTO is a great way to show support for the programs that are provided, to be proactively engaged in your child’s education, and to meet other parents. You will be joining in with others who share a common goal: enhancing our children’s educational experience. We have learned that the main thing parents want from schools is to help their child succeed academically, emotionally, spiritually and interpersonally. PTO bridges the connection between home and school. By getting involved with PTO, the child who benefits most is your own.

Q: Who can join the PTO?
As a parent or guardian of a Finney student, you are automatically a member of the Parent Teacher Organization! The PTO is an organization that is open to all adults who care about our students and our school and who want to make a difference with their time and talents.

Q: How does the PTO benefit Finney students?
The PTO facilitates important information regarding student activities between the classroom and home through the Parent Communications Rep Program. The PTO is also able to donate part of the proceeds they receive from fundraising each year to benefit all-school needs. In past years, the PTO has donated money to purchase cafeteria tables, renovate student restrooms, and direct donations toward the Finney Athletics fund. These are just some of the ways the PTO benefits our students at Finney.

Q: How does the PTO benefit Finney parents and families?
The PTO helps to organize opportunities such as Open Houses and Genesis Day to give families an opportunity to socialize with other Finney families. PTO publishes information in the monthly Finney Factor newsletter and participates in fundraising efforts that, in turn, benefit families and staff. Parent Communications Reps act as liaisons between school and parents for each homeroom classroom, and facilitate communication to and among this group.

Q: How does the PTO benefit Finney teachers and staff?
The PTO Executive Team includes a Teacher Representative who acts as a liaison between the faculty and PTO Executive Team and presents faculty needs and ideas to the PTO so we have the opportunity to help them as best we can. The PTO sponsors three appreciation meal events throughout the year to show our appreciation for our teachers and staff, and encourages parents and families to honor their teachers during national Teacher Appreciation Week in May. The PTO at times provides teachers reimbursement for professional development conference attendance.  Each Christmas the PTO gives a monetary gift ranging from $50 to $100 to each teacher and staff member as a thank you from all our Finney families.  We also facilitate the Parent Communications Rep Program to aid in communication between teachers and home, including publishing classroom wish lists to families.

Q: What kind of time commitment is required?
There is no minimum time commitment required. Our hope is that the meetings and events are varied enough so everyone can participate at least once throughout the school year. But even if your schedule does not permit you to be as active as you would like, remember that as a parent or guardian of a Finney student, you are automatically a member of the PTO. Your support, prayers, and involvement are appreciated in any way you can offer them.

Q: I work during the day and don’t have time to volunteer at school. Are there ways I can become involved from home?
Absolutely! There are a number of areas for which you need not be present at school to participate. Praying for our school, students, faculty, and staff is the number one thing you can do to support Finney!  Sending in food for a party, making calls or sending emails as a Parent Communications Rep, stuffing envelopes at home, and supporting fundraising efforts are all ways you can be involved without coming to school during a weekday.

Q: Can anyone attend PTO meetings?
Yes. General PTO meetings are open to everyone and are scheduled once or twice a year. Monthly PTO Executive Team meetings are closed. The Executive Team includes the offices of Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator, Parent Communications Rep Coordinator, PTO Website Coordinator, and Teacher Representative.

Q: I want to get involved; what do I do?
You can fill out and submit a Volunteer Interest Form online to let us know what you like to do and how you’d like to help. You can also find out more about available opportunities by perusing our PTO pages on the Finney website and by contacting a member of the PTO Executive Team at The PTO has many opportunities for parents, teachers, and staff to serve at Finney. Primary ways involve volunteering time and monetary, food, and item donations. All PTO events and programs are organized, funded and administered by PTO volunteers. There are many volunteer opportunities available from leadership to setting up tables. Each year provides many opportunities to lend your support.