A Four-Year Scholarship to attend The Charles Finney School

Racel and Camille at RCS“Rachel and Camille had a wonderful experience at Rochester Christian School and they wanted to give other RCS students the opportunity to build upon their Christian education experience by attending The Charles Finney School. God bless you as you begin your studies at Finney.” — Stephen and Tracey Miller, parents of Rachel and Camille

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Camille and Rachel Miller

Rochester Christian School Scholarship Opportunities

The Rachel and Camille Miller scholarshiop is a four-year, high school scholarship at The Charles Finney School. Rochester residents preferred but not required. The annual scholarship amount is based on financial need. The criteria are listed below.

Scholarship Criteria

Camille and Rachel MillerRachel and Camille Miller Scholars must:

  • exhibit a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • be a graduate of Rochester Christian School (RCS)
  • be African-American or Hispanic
  • have shown to be a friend to others at RCS
  • try to do their best to excel academically
  • enroll as a freshman at The Charles Finney School with the full intention of graduating from Finney
  • express a desire to go on one or more Project Compassion1 mission trips to share the Gospel and serve others
  • have a recommendation from an RCS teacher or staff member that exemplifies characteristics shown by Rachel and Camille: kind, compassionate, loving, trustworthy, and with a desire to help others



1To learn about Project Compassion missions check out dosomethinggreater.com. Rachel and Camille Scholars will be given preference to join a mission team.

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