International Program

Welcome, International Students!

Thank you for your interest in The Charles Finney School. We hope that after you review the information on these pages you will gain a better understanding of who we are and the details of the program. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the school. We are more than happy to assist you in the process of studying abroad.



About the Program

International Student Program Vision Statement

International students at The Charles Finney School will have the opportunity to broaden their global perspectives, increase cultural understandings, and develop personal relationships with peoples from all ethnic backgrounds.

The presence and involvement of international students at The Charles Finney School:

  • will help all students realize the importance of academia as a way to engage the global community
  • gain understanding and compassion for the different world perspectives
  • will allow for positive cultural exchanges that will enhance academic learning
  • will help all students gain a better understanding of the international landscape from political, social-economic and religious backgrounds

The Charles Finney School has welcomed students from all over the world. These countries include China, Spain, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Cayman Islands, Panama, Brazil, and Germany.

If you have any further questions once you review the information found on this website please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Why Choose Finney?

A Strong College Preparatory Academic Program

  • Advanced Placement opportunities
  • Dual Credit offerings with local colleges
  • A senior internship program that provides hands on experiences
  • Students have attended colleges and universities that include; The University of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Penn State, Arizona State, Ohio State, Eastman School of Music, Oregon State, Roberts Wesleyan College, Notre Dame, Grove City College, Houghton College, and many others prestigious colleges and universities.

A Professional and Caring Faculty

  • Over thirty full and part-time faculty members with Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees. Professional development is an important part of continued growth of our faculty.
  • A faculty dedicated to individual student needs.
  • A faculty with an average tenure of over 15 years. The school has experienced minimal turnover allowing for a more cohesive faculty that understands the mission and vision of the school.

Strong Extra Curricular Programs Available

  • Award-winning Robotics Team: Finney placed first in 2016, 2013 and 2004 in regional competitions. They placed second in the WORLD COMPETITION after the 2016 season! This program is supported by our CAD program and CNC machine a 3D printer and other technical equipment that students learn how to use and operate in the building of a robot.
  • A variety of interscholastic athletic teams, such as: girls volleyball, boys and girls soccer, football, boys and girls basketball, baseball, girls softball, and track and field. International students current participate on most of theses teams.
  • Fine arts opportunities that include high school choir, musicals, orchestra/band, and art competitions.
  • Community and global outreach opportunities: Project Compassion is an organized school group that has been involved in touching hundreds of lives in both large and small ways; from disaster relief efforts to providing a meal to a family in need. The school has also sent groups to Panama, Haiti, Mexico, and Uganda on short-term international missions trips.



Application Process

How to apply

To begin the admissions process, prospective families must complete The Charles Finney School Application, sign the International Student Program Guidelines, and submit a $300 registration fee if the student is accepted. This fee is nonrefundable. The school will only consider applicants in grades 7-12. Seniors may be accepted into the program if they meet the required number of credits at the end of their junior year.

SPECIAL NOTE: Your international agency will assist you through the admissions process and all associated fees.

Admissions Instructions for International Students

  1. Complete and submit an application for admissions with all required health/immunization records and required registration fee: $300 (non-refundable)
  2. Sign and submit the International Student Program Guidelines
  3. Send official transcripts (subjects, hours and grades) and any other relevant academic records must be provided. Transcripts must demonstrate acceptable academic averages and be translated from original language to English.
  4. Three teacher recommendations are required: one in English, one in Math, and a personal recommendation.
  5. Include a copy of your PASSPORT page.
  6. Demonstrate proficiency in speaking, writing and understanding English. It is encouraged that candidates submit TOEFL/TOEFL Jr./ iTEP SLATE score. The will help the school determine the support needed to be successful.
  7. Once the candidate’s admissions file is complete and the registration fee is paid, a Skype interview between the candidate and the President of the School will be arranged.

Visa Process

  1. Once a student has been accepted and has returned his/her enrollment contract and $300 registration fee, the Admissions Office will issue an I-20 form and acceptance letter. These documents must be taken to the American consulate in the student’s home country in order to apply for an F-1 (student) visa.
  2. Please see the internet site Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) Students for a full discussion of the visa/I-20 process.
  3. The school must be notified immediately once the interview has taken place to let the school know if the F-1 visa has been approved or denied.

Before arriving in the United States and starting school (after the visa is granted)

  1. Pay tuition and associated fees according to the payment options listed (one full year payment or two payment plan)
  2. Be sure immunization record is up to date
  3. Make certain the school knows what agency you are using for Homestay.
  4. Arrival dates should be communicated with agency and school.
  5. Orientation is generally scheduled one week prior to the start of the school year.. Students should plan on being at school for this orientation time.
  6. If you desire to play a fall sport (girls’ volleyball, boys or girls soccer, or American football) you will need to be at practices (if possible) in mid-August. Please notify the school in advance if you desire to participate.

International Student Tuition & Fees

Please contact the school for the current tuition rates. Tuition covers the following:
  • School counselor & academic support
  • Textbooks & workbooks (high school courses only)
  • AP testing fees
  • Yearbook
  • Field trips (does not include Sr. Trip expenses)
  • Administrative Costs
  • School uniform polo (2)/ one fleece 9-11th grades only; school uniform is not required of seniors)
  • Physical Education uniform; one t-shirt
  • Orientation
  • Communication with host parents
  • Extracurricular activities that require fees (robotics, sports, etc.)

Tuition and Fee Policy for International Students



Homestay FAQs

1) What do I need to do if I am interested in hosting an international student?

Please contact the school directly if you are interested in hosting an international student. The school works with several agencies who place students in our school. The International Student Director will pass along your contact information to the agency. The agency will contact you and set up a time to discuss the details of hosting. An information packet is available in the main office.

2) What is the process for becoming a Homestay family?

  • Interest: Let the International Student Director know that you are interested in hosting. Contact Mr. Michael VanLeeuwen at or (585) 387-3770, ext. 232

  • Application: Applications will be given directly by the agency once your contact information is shared.

  • References: agencies require references to be completed during the approval process.

  • Interview and Information: The agency will arrange an informal meeting with the applicants to offer more information and an overview of the expectations.

  • Background Check: The agency will conduct a criminal background check on all adult members (over 18 years old) of the Homestay Household.

  • Home Visit: The agency coordinator will arrange an in-home visit with everyone who lives in the home to view the home, talk with the family and take some photos.

3) If we are approved as a Homestay family, what will our responsibilities be?

Homestay families are a “home away from home” for the international student providing supervision and support as well as housing, meals and transportation. International students and their parents are expected to cover school tuition and fees (including a Homestay fee) and personal expenses such as money for recreational activities and trips. For a detailed list of responsibilities see the “Host Family Information” section on the website.

4) If we host an international student, will we receive a stipend?

Yes, host families receive a stipend (September-June) to cover many of the expenses associated with hosting a student. Stipends vary from agency to agency. It is the your responsibility to confirm these amounts and payment dates.

5) Will we be able to choose the international student we host?

Once the host family has been approved by the agency they will work directly with the families when placing a student. The school is not involved in this process. Potential host families need to communicate to the agency what gender they prefer to host. Host families should always have final approval before accepting a particular student.

6) Will our international student be able to speak English?

Yes. Students will have enough English ability to be accepted by the school. Students’ language ability will vary but all students should be conversant in English, although not necessarily fluent. Students will have studied English in school, but may not have ever been immersed in the language. Therefore, host families will need to be patient and to give students helpful advice and informal instruction.

7) When will our international student arrive and leave?

Arrival dates will vary from student to student. It is the school's desire that students arrive at least one week prior to the start of the school year. Departure dates will range between the first week in June and the end of June. Some students may travel home during the school year over extended vacation dates. The agencies will inform host families about their student’s arrival and departure dates.

8) What resources will The Charles Finney School provide for Host families?

Each host family will be provided, through their agency, a packet explaining program expectations and policies. The International Student Director at the school works directly with each agency and is available throughout the year to answer questions and help work through any difficulties that may arise.

9) What should we consider as we think about applying to host an international student?

  • Prayer: What is God saying to us about this possibility?

  • Interest: Are we interested in learning about another culture and country? Are we interested in providing a home to a high school international student? Are all our family members interested in this opportunity?

  • Adaptability: Are we willing to adapt to someone living in our home who will be culturally different? Are we willing to learn and grow? Are we willing to help an international student learn by taking time to explain differences?

  • Interview and Information: The agency will arrange an informal meeting with the applicants to offer more information and an overview of the expectations.

  • Logistics: Will we have enough time to invest in another child in our home? Will we be able to provide reasonable transportation for activities? Do we have a place in our home where another child would have space to study and sleep?

  • Current Family Situations: Are there situations in our family right now that would make it difficult for us to host well?

Host Family Information

The host family is one of the most important components in determining the international student’s experience here. It is The Charles Finney School’s desire that each international student enjoy a life changing experience during their time at the school. The Charles Finney School, our partnering agencies, the students’ parents, and the host family make up the team that serve together to provide this wonderful opportunity. We are dependent on your ability to provide a loving household in the role of host family. As in any relationship communication among all parties is critical to the success of the experience.

There are many reasons why a family opens its home to an international student. Some enjoy the opportunity for their family to learn about another culture. Others view it as an opportunity to minister to children who need a loving and caring environment.

The school expects the agencies it partners with to be committed to finding families that are seeking to provide excellent care to international students. We are committed to providing great homes that will the best match for both the family and student. If after reading over all of the information and requirements, and praying about this with your family, if you believe this is something you wish to be involved in please contact the school office. The school will pass your name along to an agency that will require you to complete a host family application. Each international agency will have their own policy, procedures and monthly stipends. Be certain to find out all of the details with the agency in advance.

General expectations of a host family:

  1. Provide a loving and caring atmosphere based on Christian values in your home that provide emotional and spiritual support. International students are required to attend church with your family even though they may not be Christian.
  2. Complete a host family application, a family interview with the International Student Program Director and allow for a tour of your home.
  3. Providing a room with a place to study. Students must have a room of their own.
  4. Regular communication between the school, student’s family, and teachers. Host families need to check the on-line grade book as they would for their own child and stay on top of academic and or behavior issues.
  5. Be willing to take student to the grocery store with you and let them show you the things they would like to eat. Family meals should not be altered but an understanding that a trip to the international grocery store and the opportunity for the student to share their favorite meal with you is a good way to lay a foundation for a great relationship.
  6. Provide a clear understanding of family rules and duties with the student. Having the rules written can be very helpful. Not all students are familiar with housework or have domestic responsibilities. It may be necessary to spend time explaining and demonstrating how to complete expected tasks. Remember, this is a huge transition for anyone, especially a teenager.
  7. A willingness to have your student be involved in school activities, including special events held for our international students. This would include providing transportation to these events.
  8. Providing breakfast, lunch (packed on school days), dinner and snacks. If they choose to purchase a school lunch, it will be at their own expense. If a student prefers a school lunch they will need to pay for the lunch.
  9. Attending occasional training and gatherings for our host families and their students.
  10. Helping your student get organized with a bank account and cell phone account if needed. (Both set up in the student's nam
  11. Visits to the doctor or dentist if necessary. Our students will arrive with health insurance and you will not be expected to cover any medical expenses. You will be asked to provide transportation to appointments and help them find the necessary care. The school will assist you in finding care givers if necessary.

Additional Information:

  • It is our desire that our international students attend the school with a desire to earn a high school diploma and graduate from our school. With this in mind, your commitment to host would only be for one school year and you can choose to continue or not.
  • The student may arrive in mid-August to participate in a fall sport. They are to make arrangements for travel home over the Christmas and summer breaks.
  • Agencies or school will do their best to provide a temporary hosts for a weekend or break if necessary.
  • You can request a preference for a male or female student.
  • All personal items are to be purchased by the student. If you plan to take a vacation, the sending family will be requested to cover the student’s costs.
  • You do not need to have a high school student or a student at The Charles Finney School in order to host.
  • A criminal background check is required of all persons over the age of 18 living in your home. If family dynamics change (someone moves into the home) the school must be immediate notified of the change.
  • Families are allowed to host more than one international student if their home provides adequate space.