High School

High School students at The Charles Finney School are encouraged to strive for academic excellence in everything they do.

Our students not only do well academically but they develop their God-given gifts and talents, too. High school students have a schedule of 45-minute periods that is filled with the required courses for a New York State diploma as well as a number of interesting electives, college level courses, and Bible courses. There is a strong emphasis on applying biblical principles in all subjects.

Finney offers Advanced Placement courses and a Dual Enrollment Program (college-level courses) in partnership with Roberts Wesleyan College. Students can also add electives such as Creative Writing, Digital Photography I & II, Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Introduction to Law, and more.

Finney encourages students to participate in our music electives, such as Jazz Band, Studio Orchestra, High School Choir, and Worship Team. High school students attend a weekly Chapel every Thursday. Finney also offers opportunities for students to develop leadership skills by participating in yearbook, student government, mission trips, and by completing the required hours of community service. High school students may participate in a number of extracurricular activities such as Section V sports, FIRST Robotics, and drama.

Our goal at Finney is that our students will become godly leaders in their homes, places of business, churches, and communities. We strive to prepare these future leaders by offering a curriculum that develops their critical thinking skills, encourages their gifts and talents, and helps them build a strong biblical foundation.

Senior Internship Program

The Charles Finney High School Senior Class Internship program is where seniors can experience the working-world first-hand and explore college and career opportunities. Students will engage in authentic workplace experiences and complete relevant assignments in exploring college and careers. We have opportunities both within Finney and local communities.

College Credit Opportunities

High school students at The Charles Finney School can earn college credit for some of their classes! AP (Advanced Placement) classes fulfill high school graduation requirements and offer the opportunity to earn college credit through the AP Exam offered at the end of the school year, for an additional fee. Dual Credit classes are college classes taught at Finney through a partnership with Roberts Wesleyan College. These classes also meet high school requirements and can earn full college credit for an additional enrollment fee to Roberts.

Dual Credit Courses

  • Elementary Statistics
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calc I
  • Calc II
  • Intro to Music
  • Intro to Literature
  • English Composition
  • Music Theory I
  • College Chemistry
  • Business Law
  • General Psychology
  • Intro to Visual Art
  • Principles of Speech

All dual-credit courses are taught at Finney. College credit is awarded through Roberts Wesleyan College.

AP Courses

  • US History
  • US Government/Civics

College credit is rewarded for passing the AP exam at the end of these courses.

AP Courses

  • US History
  • US Government/Civics

College credit is rewarded for passing the AP exam at the end of these courses.

Online High School Electives

The Charles Finney School has access to the Ignitia Career & Techical Education online curriculum, enabling all high school students to take electives online.

Students can enroll during their free period in classes such as:

  • Introduction to Education
  • Engineering Design
  • Introduction to Nursing
  • Banking Service Careers
  • Small Business Entrepreneurship
  • Principles of Coding
  • Many more options!

Contact Mrs. Ginger Crandall at vcrandall@finneyschool.org for more information. Enrollment is managed through Student Services. Don’t miss the chance to experience online course work BEFORE college and enhance your Finney education!

For a full list of classes, download:

Ignitia Class List (PDF)