More than any other attribute, parents and students cite the feeling of family they find at Finney as their strongest reason to recommend us. Discover it for yourself.

Community makes us stronger

Welcomed and trusted

Almost immediately, new families and students tell us that they feel welcomed at Finney, and they quickly develop a trust for the faculty, staff, and families here. Maybe it’s our small overall size, or our dedicated staff and faculty, or our faith, or something about the colors green and gold… You’ll just have to come for a visit and experience it for yourself!

E pluribus unum

It’s not just a line of Latin from the back of a dollar bill. “Out of many, one” is perhaps the best way to describe the strength the Finney community draws from our diversity. Here under one roof, you’ll find kids from pre-K to high school (who know each other’s names!), kids from every school district in Monroe County (and beyond), and kids from a mix of economic and cultural backgrounds, with a beautiful collection of skin tones from across the spectrum. Here they find common ground and strength in each other. There’s no other place like it in Rochester.

Our best reference

Spend some time at Finney, and you might notice that a number of students have family teaching and working here. It’s no mistake. Many of our faculty and staff choose to send their kids to Finney, too. It’s the highest compliment we can receive, and it’s a testament to the strength of the Finney family.

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